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LJ Hydro provides independant engineering services across the spectrum of hydropower project development. Our diverse network and multi-discipline expertise provide you the confidence as you traverse from “Water to Wire”.

For all your project requirements – from pre-feasibility scoping studies to design, build, and commissioning of power plants contact our team

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Feasibility Analysis

With our roots firmly in hydropower, we provide full scoping studies for sites within the Greater Mekong Subregion. From desk studies to the deployment of survey teams – we are able to accurately characterise your project’s potential.

Bringing together an international cast of experts and expertise, we are able to design and optimise projects utilising latest methodologies, and global best practises.

All the best laid plans in feasibility analysis and good design hinge upon the effectiveness of construction deployment. Our tailored teams ensure that those efforts are not wasted, but realised through strict adherence to international industry codes.

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